Creating Equitable, Healthy, and Resilient Communities

Working in partnership with utilities, governments, Indigenous Nations, and other industry partners we reduce energy poverty, accelerate decarbonization, and improve housing in traditionally underserved communities across Canada and the United States.

Kambo delivers three in-house programs: Empower Me, Community Power, and the Home Upgrades Program.

Empower Me delivers multilingual education, support, and coaching services to ensure underrepresented communities have access to energy, climate, and home retrofit programs.

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Community Power supports Indigenous and Tribal Nations to build, renovate, and improve community housing.

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Home Upgrades Program provides fully subsidized energy retrofits to improve affordability for households living in energy poverty.

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Tap into a community-centered approach

Including communities in the design and delivery of solutions ensures programs and projects respond to real-life needs, perspectives, and challenges. Through a community-centered approach, Kambo helps drive change in the following areas:


Prioritizing affordability is key to ensuring lower-income households benefit from energy and home retrofit programs. It’s also an important step towards addressing energy poverty.


From improving home comfort and minimizing energy costs to accelerating the low-carbon transition, the role of energy efficiency and conservation plays an integral role in enhancing people’s lives.


Home comfort, safety, and efficiency have a direct impact on a household’s general wellbeing. Taking a diagnostic approach to home repairs and upgrades is essential to achieving tangible, long-lasting impacts.


Overcoming unique barriers experienced by historically underserved communities requires bottom-up, community-centric solutions.


Enabling equitable access to transportation and building electrification programs is essential to meeting climate goals and ensuring a just energy transition. Everyone has a role to play in building a low-carbon economy.

Learn more about how we approach these key focus areas.

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“Community Power’s Multi-Year Home Upgrade Plan has been pivotal in our efforts to improve our housing. We're actively addressing the issues their assessments highlighted and we're eager to continue our partnership for future renovations and assessments. Their team is respectful, thoughtful, and deeply committed to their work. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone aiming to improve housing in their community.”

— Michele Fisher, Housing Manager, Fort Nelson First Nation

Our Partners

Trusted by over 100 partners to deliver impactful programs and services across Canada and the United States.

2023 Annual Impact Report

Learn more about how Kambo is reducing energy poverty, accelerating decarbonization, and improving housing in traditionally underserved communities.

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