Our Approach

An integrative, results-driven approach to achieving equity and participation goals

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A two-way street

We bring together the needs of underserved communities and those of utilities and governments through two-way information sharing and listening. By delivering information and education based on needs identified by communities themselves, we develop long lasting trusted relationships that enable us to share key insights back to utilities and governments. This approach ensures that the voices and needs of communities are embedded in future programming. These learnings play an integral role in helping to design equitable programs that reflect community needs.

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Walking a winding road

Moving from point A to point B is rarely a linear journey and requires on-the-spot creativity and problem solving. Our adaptability is foundational to how we work. As new perspectives, challenges, and needs arise, we pivot our approach to meet the needs of our clients and the communities we support. We embrace the unexpected because we know that short cuts are not the key to achieving long-lasting impact.

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Cultivating community-centric solutions

We work directly with communities to develop a deeper understanding of community-specific barriers and to develop solutions that are tailored to the people they’re designed for. We go beyond traditional consultation and engagement methods to hire and train locals who are trusted by their communities. These individuals act as liaisons and cultural advisors, and ultimately equip the Kambo team with important insights and knowledge.

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Down-climbing for a better view

Earning the trust and respect of the communities we serve is fundamental to achieving our mission. Our results-driven approach centers on strategies that are not only well-researched and executable but are also championed by the communities they’re designed for. To create lasting, sustainable impacts, we design solutions from the ground up. We engage and hire local stakeholders in the process so that their voices and perspectives are carried into every stage of execution.

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Speaking the same language

We meet communities where they’re at by taking a multilingual approach. Too often, communities are unintentionally excluded from important programming due to linguistic and cultural differences. We translate and contextualize our materials and deliver services in over a dozen languages. We also work collaboratively with communities to ensure we’re working towards a shared vision.